Amitrai Darbary

Amitrai Darbary : Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

Amitral Darbary’s love for graphic design stemmed from his lifelong passion for drawing. He now has several years of experience and has his own business. He has a wonderfully fresh take on design and a clear zeal for the creative arts. Amitrai shares his passion, inspiration and design philosophy in this interview with News on Sunday.

Tell us about your graphic design career. How did you break into graphic design, and how did you reach to where you are today as the creator of
Since childhood, I always enjoyed drawing immensely. After my secondary schooling, I moved to the IVTB School of Design (MITD) where I did my design studies. I was pleasantly surprised at being awarded best student. is now a reference website in the fashion industry. Several model agencies use this platform for recruitment or post casting calls. There will be somemajor improvement coming soon.How does social media and networking interact in your daily life? Is it used more to promote your work or just used socially with friends?
Well, social media has been influencing the planet since the last 10 years. I use it as both a marketing tool for my business and to connect with friends and families on a regular basis as well.

As such an experienced designer, how do you manage to keep up with all the new trends and technologies?
My main tool to keep up with these new trends and technologies is to surf a lot. There are sites which I like to visit at least once a week to keep a tab on what is happening in the design world. And I also use YouTube for some extra learning.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you see facing the graphic design industry today?
Nothing for the moment…

What, do you think, has been the contribution of graphic designers in the world?
People do not realise it, but just look around you…is there anything around us which is not designed? Each stuff we buy nowadays has the contribution of one or several graphic/ web or fashion designers (Cars, laptop, newspapers, mobiles, chairs, money, clothes, etc)

How has evolved throughout the years? Are you happy with its growth?
Well is still on the same level, which is very important for me. The website was designed to help the people of the fashion industry to have a platform where they can display important information, portfolios and contacts.

Can you tell us something about the projects you’re working on currently?
I have launched last year. I am working to improve this project according to the demands of the local market. I am also working on several ideas of similar projects, like I did before.

  • My profession: Graphic & Web Designer/ Director of Darkprint Limited
  • Professional journey: After completing my HND in Graphic Design & Multimedia at the IVTB (MITD) in 2006, I was lucky to obtain several job offers. I was awarded Best Student for the Graphic Department. I started my first ever job as a full time graphic designer for the Tamak Group and joined Diadeis several months later. However, I still craved for more challenge, which is why I decided to move to the Cybercity, where I worked for 6 months as a Graphic and Web Designer. Then I moved to a Web Design agency, where I spent nearly 3 years working as a fulltime Web Designer. In Sep 2009, I left the company to open my own agency “Darkprint Limited”. In 2011, I became one of the shareholders of, a website of which I am the creator and Creative Web Director. I am also the owner of the website, which is the first and only platform for Mauritian Fashion Professionals. I have been working for myself for four years already. In 2013, I developed another website which is still to grow and improve. This website is mainly for Mauritius small businesses, helping them to develop with special price on designs items.
  • My biggest achievement: Being able to work for myself…
  • Biggest influences in graphic design: Krishen Maurymoothoo is the guy who really impresses me. I met him while on work placement during my studies. He was one of the Art Directors there.
  • Favourite gadget: My favourite gadgets are my Imac and my mobile phone.
  • Professional goals for the future: Always design and develop more personal projects which can help people.
  • My dream destination: My dream destination is the USA because I would really love to work and live there one day. American Dream, alright!
  • My dreams ahead: To keep progressing in life.

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